Tips To Choose The Best Promotional Merchandise Brisbane

promotional merchandise brisbane


To get the name of any business, product, or company out, promotional merchandise is one of your best bets for an easy and affordable solution. Specifically, promotional merchandise in Brisbane is a popular way for shops and services to get their names out and into potential clients. 


With the help of Express Promo, you can create the best promotional merchandise in Brisbane without the need to break the bank. Over hundreds of promotional merchandise and other promotional items are available for personalisation at Express Promo. Easy and convenient, Express Promo aims to help you in choosing the perfect promotional merchandise in Brisbane throughout the process of picking your promotional item to designing it to fit your branding.


Promotional Merchandise Brisbane


To learn more about picking the best promotional merchandise in Brisbane for your business and your company, here are a couple of helpful tips from Express Promo.


Pick designs that are long-lasting.

When choosing the design for your promotional merchandise, always lean towards a timeless design that is sure to stand the test of time. Don’t go with specific fads or hyped designs as these might not age well, especially when you are choosing a promotional merchandise that is meant to be used for more than a year or so. Going with what the current fad is would simply make the promotional merchandise outdated after the season is over or when another new trend emerges in the market.

Simplicity is key.

The main point of promotional merchandise is to make the brand and the name stand out. Ensure that all eyes are still on your brand name or logo through making the merchandise focused on the brand itself too, design-wise. At first glance, your name and logo should be the one that gets the spotlight to ensure that the promotional merchandise is effective in delivering the message.


Learn to play around with the colours and use it to your advantage.

Keeping the promotional merchandise in line with the brand identity is nice but another way is to experiment with the colours to make the merch stand out. Use of contrasting colours can make the promotional merchandise even more noticeable and unique. For example, using black and orange on a keyring makes the orange brand or logo pop more compared to simply sticking with the orange colour all over.


Try out different promotional items for different seasons.

Switch up the merchandise and rotate the different possibilities when it comes to giving away promotional merchandise. Especially during the early stages of a company, building your name and strengthening your brand requires a bit of work. Hence, don’t be afraid to mix and match promo items to find out which ones would be effective for your brand and which ones would be more appropriate for your targeted customers and future clients.

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