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Flip Ruler

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15cm Mini Ruler

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Rulers are a simple tool that everyone has used ever since elementary yet it is an important must-have for those who love to write and sketch. As part of the classic office workspace set up, rulers continue to be a well-used tool even for the highly digital world of today. Hence, you can maximise the opportunity for your brand and your business to be seen and recognise even in the simplest way. Custom branded rulers are a handy promotional item that is sure to be appreciated by your clients and customers. With the help of Express Promo, you can easily create a personalised ruler that perfectly fits your company's branding and image. These classic metal rulers and reliable wooden rulers will do great as promotional products once they are engraved with your business logo or printed with your company's contact details. You can give them out as part of a thank you gift or a business event souvenir along with other personalised stationery and custom branded pens. With so many colours to choose from and different styles and materials to mix and match, you can design a customised ruler that can match your brand's personality while also meeting the budget. No need to go overboard in terms of expenses as Express Promo offers free customisation and free shipping within Australia. You get to spend a fraction of a cost on these promotional products that can get your brand across to your consumers efficiently.