Promotional Products Sydney

At Express Promo we are one of the most trusted promotional products suppliers in Australia, supplying quality custom branded promotional products and empowering business growth for over 10 years to thousands of companies. Small one man business to multi-national companies. We have the products, processes and skills in place to ensure that once you take the leap of faith and deal with us for your branding needs you will surely return time and time again.

Based in Newcastle

Some of Express Promos most vaulable customers are located in the Sydney region. Being located so close to Sydney, based in Newcastle, Express Promo can produce and deliver goods to Sydney in no time at all.

Located just up the freeway from Sydney not only means quick production and quick delivery but also local knowledge in terms of useful and high impression promotional products that will surely give a boost to any brand in the Sydney region.

Catering for large customers such as DHL Sydney, Origin Energy Sydney branch, Parramatta BMW

The list is endless.. all the way to smaller operations such as Sydney plumbers, Painters on the north shore and Small craft business throughout the Sydney region are just a few examples.


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* Remember we offer a free artwork mockup on any of our products before committing to purchasing, so keep an eye out for our Free Mockup Form on every single product page throughout our website.