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Academy Messenger Bag

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Campus Backpack

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Synergy Laptop Bag

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Laptop bags make for the best promotional product for professionals and office workers. Even for university students, customised laptop bags are the perfect customisable promotional product to maximise your brand's presence and visibility. Express Promo can help you in creating an efficient promotional item such as personalised laptop bags which you can give out to your valued clients and favourite customers. From sleek backpacks to convenient messenger bags, we can have your business name or company logo printed onto the bags to make sure everybody gets to see it. These branded laptop bags are great to give out as souvenirs and tokens during professional conferences, business conventions, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Since these laptops come in different sizes and colours, everyone can use them day in and day out no matter the age or gender. At Express Promo, we can help you in creating the perfect personalised laptop bag to suit your marketing needs. You get to spend a fraction of a cost on these promotional products that can get your brand across to your consumers efficiently. We can print any design you would choose in full colour and we can also assist you in the setup of your promotional items for free. No need to go overboard in terms of expenses as Express Promo offers free customisation and free shipping within Australia.