How to Get Promotional Branded Umbrellas?

promotional branded umbrellas


We see them everywhere during the rainy season and we keep one inside our cars, our garage, and our front porch. Umbrellas are such a must-have for everyone regardless of age and gender. Because of their usefulness, umbrellas have become one of the most well-loved promotional items as customers always love receiving free umbrellas no matter the season or the promotion.

Promotional Branded Umbrellas

With promotional branded umbrellas, you can easily place your brand logo and brand colours on a prime spot for high impact exposure as you give them out to potential clients and loyal customers. 

If you are looking for high-quality affordable branded umbrellas, Express Promo is the perfect place for you. There are hundreds of customisable promotional products available for you to choose from if you are thinking of jumpstarting your marketing campaign. 

Here are a couple of our top selling promotional branded umbrellas, check them out to find the perfect one for your brand and budget.


Trident Sports Umbrella – White Panels

Great for the sunny outdoors and for sporting events, these huge umbrellas are the perfect promotional items for the summer season. Have it printed with your company logo or your business name and may your brand pop right in the middle of the summer heat.


Blunt Exec Umbrella

A full range umbrella is sometimes what you might just need to have in your car or at the front porch. The Blunt Executive Umbrella is a great promotional branded umbrella you can give out to your employees, business associates, and newly onboarded clients. The sleek design can be the perfect backdrop for your company logo, making sure that it is highly visible and easy to read. 


Cirrus Umbrella – Elite

Simple yet useful, large umbrellas such as the Cirrus Umbrella is the perfect size to be given out to your loyal customers and return clients. It is easy to store inside the car and it is also convenient to be carried around when walking around the city for errands. 


Peros Hurricane City Umbrella

Foldable umbrellas are still a must-have for the regular daily commuters and for those who err on the safe side. Easily stash away this handy umbrella inside your bag or hang it by your bicycle as its convenient size makes it perfect for everyday use. Have your company name or business logo printed on the Peros Hurricane City Umbrella to transform this compact must-have into a high-impact promotional item that is useful and affordable.


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