How To Use The Umbrella As A Promotional Item

umbrella promotional item



You read it right, the umbrella is a low-key effective marketing tool that does not often take the limelight. These are handy for both the rainy season and also for the clear sunny skies. It is not often that people would associate an umbrella as a promotional item, yet here at Express Promo, we tend to look far beyond its simplicity.

Umbrellas are a must-have during the rainy season as these are the best tool you can find to keep you warm and dry. Even for those who plan to stay long under the scorching heat of the sun, umbrellas come in handy to shield the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. However, have you ever considered this handy must-have tool to be a great and effective marketing tool?

As a promotional item, the umbrella can be quite effective and highly useful. Your brand logo gets a front-row unobstructed view from all your potential customers once the umbrella is opened and used under the rain or under the heat of the sun. The more that the user goes around using the umbrella promo item, the more exposure does your company get.

Umbrella Promotional Item

To show you the different uses of umbrellas as promotional items, here are a couple of creative suggestions from Express Promo:


  • Raffle Prizes and Giveaways. The easiest way to hand out umbrellas as a promotional item is by giving it as a reward or prize for promotional contests. Be it in a social media contest or in a quick pop up promotional stall, customers always love to win especially when there is something free to be given out. The business gets the buzz through the contest while the winner gets to bring home a handy umbrella. Everybody wins!


  • On-boarding Gifts. For new clients, you can easily show your appreciation by giving out branded items that can be used on a day to day basis. With branded umbrellas, you can flex the company’s logo and identity while still giving the clients a useful and convenient product they would love to use.


  • Holiday Corporate Presents. As a thank you for the challenging year, you can hand out these branded umbrellas to your beloved employees. They are sure to appreciate receiving promotional items with the company’s brand and they are sure to use them whenever they can. It may be just a simple gesture from the business owner, but these acts of kindness are a huge morale booster for employees. They will proudly use the umbrellas and even flaunt them at the back of their cars or right by their doorway at home.


  • Office Must-Haves. Show off your company loyalty by having your office decked with branded promotional items, even with just the simplest of things. With umbrellas, the rainy season won’t be such a problem and using these branded umbrellas will even give your brand more exposure.


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