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branded umbrella australia


Whether it is weathering out the rainy season or battling out the scorching heat of the summer season, branded umbrellas in Australia are always a great must-have. Umbrellas have been around for years and these have become irreplaceable in terms of functionality, practicality, and convenience.

Branded Umbrellas Australia

Express Promo offers a wide range of branded umbrellas in Australia and there is sure to be one that is perfect for you and your marketing needs. No need to worry about breaking the bank as these branded umbrellas come at affordable prices with customisation included for free. Promising an easy and effortless ordering process, you are guaranteed to grab the best deals in town for branded umbrellas in Australia when you head to Express Promo today.

Check out these great branded umbrellas from Express Promo which are easy on the pocket and effortless to order, read on!


Swiss Peak Traveller Umbrella

Easy and effortless to carry, the Swiss Peak Traveller Umbrella is the bestselling travel umbrella that is a must-have for any city commuter. It conveniently folds up to fit your purse or backpack and it also opens up to easily protect you from rain within seconds. Set your branding on point easily with the Swiss Peak Traveller Umbrella by having your logo printed on one panel and also get to pick company colours to match your brand perfectly. This small and compact umbrella can be perfect as giveaways for social media contests and simple in-house promos.


Peros Colt Umbrella

The basic umbrella can still take you and your brand a long way. Sturdy and durable, the Peros Colt Umbrella is a dependable umbrella you can take with you wherever you go. As the basic umbrella, this branded umbrella is perfect for giveaways and holiday corporate gifts which are quite popular for big companies and enterprises. Get your branded umbrella in colours that match the company brand and also have the logo or the company name printed on top to make it stand out.


Hydra Umbrella – Elite

For a more premium branded umbrella, the Hydra Umbrella – Elite is a step up from the regular umbrellas you usually see in convenience stores and shops. Sleek and elegant, this branded umbrella is fit for professionals and for the always-on-the-go businessman. Its savvy length and straight handle give a more sophisticated look, while still allowing you to place your company logo and name in full colour up top.


Trident Sports Umbrella

Large and heavy-duty branded umbrellas are the perfect option for offices, establishments, and outdoor sporting events. It is designed to withstand rain and winds which makes it perfect for sporting events and the rainy season. As each umbrella can comfortably fit two people inside, making it great as a giveaway for offices and other establishments which are important business contacts and client connections for your own business. Transform the Trident Sports Umbrella into a branded umbrella in Australia with the help of Express Promo to get the best deals for promotional products today.

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