Why Customised Tote Bags Are A Great Way To Use As A Promotional Product?

customised tote bags


Tote bags have become a must-have for modern-day city dwellers. Not only are they handy to have for shopping, but tote bags also give you the convenience of being able to carry loads hands-free when you are on the go. In today’s world, tote bags can be used as lunch box substitutes, quick errand go-to bags, and even an extra bag to carry around when going to the workplace.

The simplicity and functionality of a tote bag make it great to have and no one can have too many tote bags around as well. Hence, customised tote bags make for a great promotional product that is easy to use and simple to giveaway.

Customised Tote Bags

For promotional purposes, customised tote bags are a great tool to showcase the business logo and the company name for more and more people to see. With a single tote bag, several people are exposed to the brand and identity of any business and these can sprout to turn into high-impact marketing that can get you results. 

Customised tote bags can be handed out along with your deliverables and products, giving your clients a professional and luxurious feel. It definitely adds to the prestige of the company and it surely gets you more and more return customers in the long run. 

To give you a better idea of why customised tote bags are a great promotional product and on how to use these, here are a couple of important points from Express Promo:


  • Wrap deliverables and products in a tote bag to make a grand presentation. It is always about the visuals nowadays and customised tote bags can help you build your brand and image without getting into too much complication. Customers are sure to enjoy getting their purchased items or orders in a luxurious paper bag that is branded in the company logo and colours. It helps build the brand and it also exposes the brand logo to an entirely new audience, when the bag is used and reused. Imagine if the product was a gift or is intended to be given in a professional environment, branded paper bags and customised tote bags would definitely give a sleek edge and high impact on branding.


  • Tote bags are the perfect way to wrap hampers and giveaways. For corporate events, customised tote bags are an economical way to wrap all the welcome tokens and souvenirs that you have for attendees. Guests and clients get to use the tote bags as their own casual tote during the entire event and they also get to use and reuse these once they get home or go back to work. No need to add more single-use plastics in the bin as customised tote bags are the greener option that offers effective marketing and brand promotion as well.


  • Equip the team and the staff. The best way to showcase these customised tote bags is through the hardworking staff and team members. Don’t forget to include them as you order in bulk for the tote bags as they are sure to love being able to use these branded tote bags on their way to and from the office. Pump up the morale and boost the workplace’s spirits as they get to sport tote bags in the company colours whether they are on or off the clock.


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