How to Find The Right Printed Wine Glasses

printed wine glasses


Wine glasses have become a must-have for the homes of wine lovers and for those who love to throw simple dinner parties. It is common nowadays to have more than one set of wine glasses in your glassware cupboards as there are many different types to choose from.

To make wine glasses stand out, printed wine glasses have become popular especially as a promotional item. Restaurants and other establishments would feature printed wine glasses with their logo or their name on them to further strengthen their brand and identity. Giving out printed wine glasses are even an effective way of putting the word out for your brand and your company and it is also a great way to show your appreciation to your loyal clients and valued customers.

Printed Wine Glasses

Taking the time to create printed wine glasses simply makes for a promotional product that is unique and one-of-a-kind. You get to show your creative side in showcasing the company’s brand and your business’ identity, all in useful and stylish glassware that customers get to use for years and years.

If you are thinking of getting started with your printed wine glass promotional products, Express Promo is your best bet in helping you jumpstart your journey into building a strong brand and a more visible identity. Here are a couple of tips that can help you find and create the perfect printed wine glasses, read on!


  • Figure out how many glasses you would need. Before anything, take the time to consider who much would the company be willing to spend on promotional products and how many printed wine glasses are going to be needed. For Express Promo, you get to save big time when you order in bulk or do wholesale orders so it is easier to place orders and have them shipped in a single transaction. These wine glasses can be stored for months, hence you can order for the entire year and even up to the holiday season promotions that you would plan later on. 


  • Tackle design options early on. There are different options for you to take when it comes to designing printed wine glasses. You can opt to have your logo printed onto the glasses and you can even include the name of your company or your business. In Express Promo, the helpful team is ready online to aid you every step of the way. With a design in hand, the process of getting your unique printed wine glasses can be made even smoother and easier.


  • Place your order for wine glasses with online sellers that have a proven track record. After years of experience in the business and hundreds of satisfied customers, Express Promo is sure to be a trusted partner for promotional products in Australia. Steer clear from suspicious sites and scammers out in the online world and only go for companies that are registered to operate within Australia to be sure of a safe and efficient transaction online.


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