7 Simple And Creative Promotional Giveaways Ideas

promotional giveaways


Giving away free items to valued customers and potential clients has always been a simple and smart way to gain more exposure. Newly opened businesses can easily get their names out and make their way to being recognised by the locals even just by doing promotional giveaways. With promotional giveaways, both the business and the audiences get to benefit from the value given by effective promotional products when done correctly.

Promotional Giveaways

To enable you to start making your own promotional giveaways for your business or company, here are 7 simple and creative ideas from Express Promo. Read on!


Pick giveaways that can be used all year long.

No need to worry if you don’t use or giveaway all of those promotional products in one go as these can still stay great and fresh even during the next season. By picking promotional giveaways that are to be used no matter what time of the year it is, you are able to have more opportunities to give out promo items and more exposure for the promotional giveaways as well as time goes by.


Order promotional giveaways in bulk.

The advantage of getting on Express Promo for all your promotional products and other promo needs is that wholesale prices and bulk orders give you so much more value and convenience. You get to save time and money when you order more units of personalised promotional items and you also get competitive rates that are hard to beat.


Celebrate business milestones with a promotional giveaway.

As the business hits specific goals and milestones, the victory is best celebrated along with the community that has made everything possible. Even if it is as simple as giving away a free branded pen or a free personalised promotional mug, these special milestones are made even more meaningful when celebrated by the team alongside the valued customers.


Create hype with social media giveaways.

Especially after the last couple of years, creating a presence on the web is crucial for businesses. Even with real-life promotional giveaway prizes, you can still run simple giveaways on all the social media accounts of the company to ensure that you get a viable reach and that the name gets to be seen by more and more people. 


Giveaways aren’t only for the clients.

It is possible to also use promotional giveaways for the team members and the employees to boost morale and to reward them all for a job well done. It can be anything from wearable branded merchandise to promotional drinkware that they get to use inside the office. These small yet useful promotional giveaways can help make working in the office more fun and definitely a little bit more rewarding for all the team members.


Surprise clients with giveaways that come with each order.

For online shops and entrepreneurs, placing small free promotional items inside each order before shipping them goes a long way. From the side of the consumer, it is always a great feeling to receive free items whenever you purchase online and it is a great added value to any service or product you buy from a specific shop. Why not throw in a small sticker or an added branded keyring to the box and help your brand name reach more and more eyes through promotional giveaways.


Don’t forget about your business associates.

Great promotional giveaways that are meant to be given as a sign of appreciation to other businesses which you frequently transact with. It can be the nearby courier office, the truck rental company, packaging supplier, and even the owners of shops located right across yours at the mall. Give them a small promotional giveaway such as a pen or an umbrella to show your gratitude and appreciation for their trust and business.


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