Top 5 Reasons to Advertise Your Brand with Engraved Pens

Advertising your business using engraved pens may not be a new idea, but it works. It’s a classic promotional strategy for a reason. A pen is one of those old-school, super-practical promotional items that are never go out of fashion! People are always happy to get them; after all, one can never have enough pens. If you are looking for your next giveaway, personalised engraved pens are definitely worth considering.

  1. Pens come in handy in many situations.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you always run into situations that require a pen ready, from jotting down notes, to signing receipts, to filling out forms. The fact that pens are very useful make them great promotional tools. Just imagine how much exposure your brand gets every time someone uses it!

  1. Pens are often shared and borrowed.

How many times have you borrowed someone’s pen in your life? You probably lost count. The fact that pens get passed around and shared further increases your brand’s chances of getting more exposure, increasing reach, and building awareness to people.

  1. They are versatile promotional gifts.

Engraved pens are very versatile. You can hand them out at conventions, meetings, events, or give as corporate gifts to your partners and VIP clients. Some businesses promote themselves by making pens engraved with their names available at their stores. This way, they can help out people who are in need of pens effortlessly advertise their company.

  1. Engraved pens are beautiful.

Compared to printed pens, engraved pens appear more elegant. There is something about engraved words that make them interesting and appealing to the eyes.

  1. Engraved pens last longer.

The problem with some printed pens is that their colours fade in time. This isn’t a problem with engraved pens. Through laser engraving, you can ensure that the design is permanent or stays legible for decades.

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