5 Reasons Why Personalised Umbrellas Is The Best Gift

personalised umbrellas australia


Umbrellas have been around for decades yet we still haven’t found a more effective and efficient alternative for battling unruly weather. During the rainy season and even for the summer season, umbrellas are a staple once you step outside of the house or head outside of the office. 

If you think about it, each person is supposed to have his or her own umbrella. Especially for students who still commute going to and from school and for the daily salaryman who travels in and out of the CBD for work, having your own umbrella to use against the sudden downpour of rain is an essential

Personalised Umbrellas Australia

Hence, giving personalised umbrellas in Australia as gifts isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, personalised umbrellas are a great gift idea for your family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones because of the following reasons:


No more lost umbrellas ever again.

A personalised umbrella can be a sure-fire way for your loved ones not to lose another umbrella ever again. It is common to forget an umbrella whenever you travel to another building or shop and you leave your wet umbrella right outside the door. After 30 minutes or so many hours later, it might be all sunny again and the umbrella you brought might be the last thing you remember on your way out. A personalised umbrella could be helpful in making sure your umbrella stays with you or finds its way back to you when you leave it behind.


Each member gets to have his or her own.

In an office setting, giving each one of the employees and team members their own personalised umbrella could be helpful so everybody can use one during rainy days. Not only would they need one on their way from the bus stop to the office, even for the quick trip at the coffee shop across the road an umbrella could be a lifesaver during the rainy season.


Stand out in a sea of plain and boring umbrellas.

Create the perfect personalised umbrellas in Australia and make yours stand out from the crowd. Represent your company and your brand well with personalised umbrellas from Express Promo. You get to choose from dozens of styles and designs that can perfectly match the campaign and look that you are going for. Be it for foldable umbrellas to golf or sports umbrellas, there is sure to be one for you right here at Express Promo.


Show your love, care, and thoughtfulness through a practical gift.

Give your loved ones their own personalised umbrella that they can instantly use. It is a kind gesture to show to your family that you think about them and their well being especially during the rainy season. For business owners, handing out personalised umbrellas is a sign that you would like for your clients to be safe and that you know they are sure to need it once the clouds turn grey, literally.


Nobody could ever say no to a free umbrella.

Seriously, who would ever resist getting a beautiful umbrella for free? It is one of the most popular promotional items and some even pay good money to get one from their favourite hardware shop or their frequent supermarket chains. Getting a personalised umbrella in Australia as a gift is simply a win in any book!


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