Benefits of Using Personalised Bottle Openers

Many businesses are promoting themselves by giving away promo products such as personalised bottle openers that are affordable and effective. Maybe it’s time you did the same. Even with a small budget, you can produce bulks of branded bottle openers and reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Aside from the low production cost, there are more reasons why personalised bottle openers remain some of the best promo products out there:

Customisable to match brand message and image

For promotional products to be effective in marketing a brand, they must be visually appealing while capturing the brand message that you want to convey. The good thing about bottle openers is that they are highly customisable. They are also available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. Whatever marketing image you are trying to portray, there’s surely a bottle opener for you. Among the most popular styles that companies are using are boutique bottle openers, jar and bottle openers, credit card-shaped bottle openers, keyring bottle openers, and fridge magnet bottle openers.

Highly functional

Functionality is another key feature that one must look for in a promotional product. The higher its utility, the more brand exposure your business will get. This is another reason why personalised bottle openers are a great idea. Consumers like receiving them because aside from removing bottle caps, bottle openers come in handy in many situations. For example, they can be used for cutting packaging tapes, cracking walnuts, prying off lids.

How do you ensure that your promotional bottle opener is going to work well for marketing your business? Make sure it’s well-made. Keep in mind that your promotional items are your brand representatives. If you want to appeal to your consumers, you need to use a design that looks professional. You may want to consider hiring an expert artist. And if you want to look trustworthy and reliable, your bottle opener should be built to last. You want something that people will use for a long time.

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