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With a little help from Express Promo, you can create serious brand impact through personalised promotional products. Trendy promotional products such as personalised selfie sticks can help in giving your brand an edge compared to your other competitors just by simple name recall. Fueled by the boom of social media, selfie sticks have become popular and getting your brand onto these customised selfie sticks can give you some mileage in terms of promotion. Take advantage of highly effective marketing tools such as promotional products that can be used not only by executives but even by regular Joe. Selfie sticks are a fun way of introducing your brand or company to the younger market and the older audience will also love how handy and useful these promo items are. These promotional reminders keep a business within eyesight and in the minds of customers. You can maximise the opportunity to place your branded and your company name right in the hands of your clients and customers. It is through these small but functional promotional ideas that you get to create high impact marketing items that can help place your brand on top. Enjoy free shipping within Australia and free personalisation of any products you would want to include in your promotional campaign. Check out our wide selection of promotional products and other customisable items in our shop today!