What to Consider Before Choosing Keyrings as Promotional Products

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Small yet functional, keyrings have been a unique item that everybody has had for years. It may be small in size, but it has a unique function that is almost irreplaceable and absolutely essential. 

The moment you are handed a key, it usually comes with a keyring. Whether it be the keys to your newly built house or a newly bought car, the keys now come with custom keyrings in Australia. Imagine losing your keyring or not having a keyring with your house keys, would it not be too difficult for you to locate where you last dropped them? 

The reason why keyrings are so popular is simply because of how important keys are. These thin and shiny strips of metal open doors and locks hold great value. Keyrings, therefore, are also of high importance as they act as markers for keys that make these easy to identify and convenient to organise.

In homes and offices, keyrings act as an identifier as to who owns which set of keys and which set of keys goes where. The highly digital times we have now have developed ways of easily finding keys through mobile apps and wireless technology, yet nothing can still replace the good old trusted keyring.

Custom Keyrings Australia

Keyrings as promotional products are nothing new as well. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your name and brand out there without needing any complicated marketing plans or expensive digital integration. It has been an effective brand recognition tool for businesses involving keys as a client deliverable at the end of the transaction or service. 

Car dealerships, real estate brokerages, hotels, and even gym memberships have taken advantage of how effective custom keyrings in Australia are. Clients who get to hold and see these custom keyrings with the business name, logo, and colours instantly develop a familiarity with the brand and with the company as well.

If you are looking to maximize custom keyrings in Australia as promotional products, Express Promo is the best place for you to get a great deal and high-quality service. The key things for you to consider right before jumping the gun on a custom keyring are:


  • Affordability. Though small, keyrings might be costly if these are seen as an added expense to the company’s budget. However, think of it as a lasting investment into getting more return clients and getting the brand the recognition it truly deserves. Here at Express Promo, ordering custom keyrings in Australia becomes even more affordable as you get in bulk as we can offer competitive wholesale prices on promotional products.


  • Customisation. Maximising custom keyrings means that you get to design them to match your brand identity as a business. Having your company logo and colours on it can give high impact recognition instantly yet customisation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, here at Express Promo, we offer free design and layout services to help you in optimising your custom keyrings and our friendly team is willing to help you at no extra cost.


  • Uniqueness. There are so many custom keyrings available in the market but the best one you can get is to create one that is perfect for you and your business. Pick from a wide selection of customisable keyrings and design one to best suit your business and your brand. Ensure that the custom keyring you create can last for years and years to come, which means making sure that the contact details are up to date and that the logo is finalised as well.
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