Some Helpful Tips On Personalised Magnets

personalised magnets

Personalised magnets are one of the simplest promotional products you can ever use in your marketing campaign. Not only are they affordable, but personalised magnets are also dependable when it comes to putting your brand and business on display year in and year out.

Among the wide variety of promotional products available in Express Promo, personalised magnets are one of the easiest to use and cheapest to produce. It allows the business owner a flexible venue to convey its brand and its services to its target audience without the need for any complicated assembly, internet usage, or even electricity consumption.

Fridge magnets may seem to be on the traditional side, as it has been a form of marketing for decades. However, it remains to be effective and efficient even in the technologically advanced age we live in today.

Personalised Magnets

Personalised fridge magnets can be used by any type of client, at any age, and any demographic. These can be used in homes, in food-related businesses, and even in office pantries. It is easy to use and simple to understand, making sure that your message gets the attention of your target audiences without the fuss.

If you are thinking of making personalised magnets to showcase your business and brand, we’re rounded up a couple of helpful tips from Express Promo.


  • Only include business details that are final. When starting out with a new business, you can have the company name and logo placed on personalised magnets once they are finalised and registered. Even if personalised fridge magnets are affordable, you need to be wise in creating marketing items like these that can last for years. Only include the contact channels which you know would last for at least 5 years so that your clients can reach you even after a year of getting the personalised magnets. The same goes for email addresses, websites, and even social media handles. 


  • Maximise the design. In every possible way, you should always inject the brand identity to help the audience recognise your business right away. From the company colours to the brand fonts to be used, each element of the personalised magnet design can greatly help in instilling brand recognition with just a simple glance. All these are utilised by the team behind Express Promo to ensure that your promotional products represent your business and your brand even in the smallest of details.


  • Don’t be scared to go all in. As in business, taking the chance on marketing materials are a risk on their own. Creating a market and introducing your brand to your target clients would require capital, even if you are not yet profitable or completely operational. Do not hesitate to invest in high-quality promotional products at the beginning of your journey. These are great starting tools that can help you bring in more people, more enquiries, and in the end, more customers. Show your confidence in the business through ordering custom promo items in bulk early on and let your work or product speak for itself afterwards.


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