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promotional products melbourne


When it comes to promotional products in Melbourne, Express Promo is your best pick to deliver unique, useful, and affordable promotional items that get the job done without breaking the bank. Promotional products can vary from the smallest items such as pens and pins to large umbrellas and bulky folding chairs. 

Promotional products can cover a wide range of items that allow you and your brand to stand out. These promo items are able to lift your brand and bring it to the next level with a little bit of customisation and a whole lot of creativity. With the help of Express Promo, you can easily jumpstart the process of making the perfect promotional products in Melbourne that will fit your brand and your budget.

Promotional Products Melbourne

For starters, choosing the perfect promotional products in Melbourne can greatly vary depending on the season and for the purpose. Rainy season in the city would make umbrellas, ponchos, and other rainy weather gear more popular for valued customers and for potential clients. They would greatly appreciate getting promotional products that can make their daily commute in the CBD easier and drier during those unpredicted rainshowers.

During the hot summertime in Melbourne, the best kinds of promotional products would be items that can be used down the beach or outside in the park. From wearable hats to useful beach umbrellas, promotional items can easily be made from so many different items that give value and meaning to all your targeted audiences.

To get you started with a couple of promotional products in Melbourne, here are some of Express Promo’s bestselling items. Read on!


Xena Key Light

Small yet powerful, the Xena Key Light is a great tool to have with you anywhere and at any time. It is bright enough to help you see the way when looking for the doorjamb or locating your phone inside your bag. Transform it into a great custom promotional product by adding your business name or company logo right on top of the key light. 


Falcon Cap with Patch

Perfect for a sunny day and also great during the rainy season, the Falcon Cap with Patch is a great headgear to have no matter how hot or cold the day might be. Take advantage of great wearable promotional products like these by getting your logo printed or embroidered right in front to maximise the exposure and the brand’s impact to potential clients or buyers.


Beach Ball – 60cm

For a more fun-related promotional product, having business names and company logos printed on colourful Beach Ball – 60cm would make for the perfect summer event giveaway. These come in different shades and in different sizes as well, which makes it flexible design-wise and budget-wise.


Emergency Rain Coat

Just in case for those sudden rainshowers, giving out Emergency Rain Coat as promotional products in Melbourne would be the perfect marketing move. Potential customers and valued clients are sure to love having a foldable rain coat that they can instantly use in a moment’s notice. Even for your own team members and staff, having branded emergency rain coat packs would greatly help them in their field work as well as in creating a great uniform rain gear the team can use.


Stubby & Can Holders

Bergen Stubby Cooler

From $1.12

Bottle Openers

Bamboo Bottle Opener

From $2.46
From $4.67
From $12.29

Business Cards

Gift Card – A7

From $0.69

Business Cards

Gift Card – A6

From $1.03

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