Benefits Of Using Customised Lanyard

customised lanyards


After previously explaining what a branded lanyard is, the benefits of using customised lanyards might still seem to be unclear for the new entrepreneurs and newly opened small business owners.

As customised lanyards become more and more popular throughout the years, getting your own customised lanyard for your business is more of an essential must-do rather than simply being a promotional campaign.

Customised Lanyard

Customised lanyards are now a part of an employees daily office attire and a student’s everyday look. These customised lanyards hold more than just the regular identification card. Due to its simple usage and convenience, lanyards now carry small items such as USB thumb drives, access key cards, home and car keys, and many more.

For specific professionals and workers, the lanyard could help in keeping important tools within reach and convenient to use. Timekeepers can use their timers instantly when attached to a lanyard and a nurse can also wear a digital thermometer or oxygen meter around the neck with the help of a lanyard as well.

These are only a few examples of how useful lanyards are in the workplace. Why not take it to another level and maximise its promotional value through customised lanyards from Express Promo?


The benefits of using a customised lanyard include:


  • Gives the team a sense of belongingness. Once the entire team gets their own customised lanyard, you give everyone a uniform identifier that links them to the company. With similar customised lanyards, everyone in the team feels like they belong to the same group and the same tribe. No matter which department they might work in or which branch they go to every day, customised lanyards are a way of bringing the team together and getting them all to work as one united tribe. In something as cheap and simple as a branded lanyard, you can instantly build a team and get everyone on the team to identify as one.


  • Displaying company logo and branding at all times. Be it in the workplace, the local lunch cafe, or even in conferences, having your team wear customised lanyards immediately catches the attention of potential clients. Especially when you use bright colours, the said brand colours can create a sense of association with the company and the brand. Everyone around the area will instantly recognise the customised lanyards and identify the wearer with your brand.


  • Useful, convenient, and affordable freebie. Let’s face it, not all business owners are willing to splurge instantly on a promotional product. Some are doubtful if it may work while others have something else more important to spend capital on. However, since customised lanyards are affordable, these can jumpstart your journey into promotional campaigns. If you are looking for something to give to your clients as an added appreciation for all the business that you have done together, customised lanyards might just be it. You can also use these as a cheap complimentary freebie that goes perfectly well with your deliverables after completing a project. For example, if you are to hand a thumb drive to your client, you can have a customised lanyard attached to it to make it easy to find and difficult to misplace. The same goes for real estate agents, have a lanyard attached to the home keys they turn over can give their clients a little something to show their appreciation and gratitude.


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