5 Advantages Of Using Custom Fridge Magnets

custom fridge magnets


Fridge magnets have been a staple in modern homes as they get to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Right now, everything that you can think of can be turned into a handy fridge magnet with just a little modification. From notepads to calendars, custom fridge magnets have become much more than a trinket or accessory in the modern kitchens of today.

Custom Fridge Magnets

To make the most out of a kitchen accessory, Express Promo takes custom fridge magnets to an entirely different level. Making them functional and convenient, custom fridge magnets can now be an effective promotional product without it being too complicated or too expensive. 

Here at Express Promo, we can help you transform fridge magnets into an effective marketing tool that is a win-win for both clients and businesses. Your targeted clients are sure to love having a useful and handy promotional product while business owners can take pride in distributing promo items that are of high quality and functionality.

To learn more about why you should invest in custom fridge magnets, here are 5 advantages of custom fridge magnets from Express Promo. Read on!


  • Simple to use and easy to install. Fridge magnets are easy to use since everybody knows how to use them and how to install them. No need for tools or for batteries, you just have to stick it on a magnetic surface and it instantly attaches by itself. It is not harmful and non-toxic which makes it friendly to use even for kids. 


  • Everyone can use it. Safe to use around kids and easy to attach to any magnetic surface. From whiteboards, steel backsplash, and fridge doors, fridge magnets are easy to transfer from one room to another without using any tools or so much force. You can even leave one at metallic doors, tool cabinets, and even other steel surfaces around the garage, kitchen, or workplace.


  • Always visible and accessible. Because of its design, custom fridge magnets are made to be displayed right at the front of the fridge. It also works well for filing cabinets, stainless steel tables, and range hoods. Your design on a custom fridge magnet gets front row attraction as everyone gets to see it clearly at first glance.


  • Long-lasting. Most of the custom fridge magnets are meant to be used for years, as there are commonly no moving parts and these are to be displayed indoors. Ensure that you choose timeless designs or permanent details for your business as these custom fridge magnets from Express Promo tend to last you so many years.


  • Functional and creative. Custom fridge magnets do not stop in only displaying business logos and contact details. There are dozens of different custom fridge magnets available at Express Promo and there is one that is sure to fit your marketing needs and marketing budget. From calendars to notepads, custom fridge magnets can take your marketing game to the next level without the need to break the bank.


Visit Express Promo today to see all the different custom fridge magnets that you can choose from and let’s get started on your promotional campaign today!


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