4 Great Uses of Stubby Holders

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Right as the summer season rolls around the corner, the holiday season brings in clear sunny skies accompanied by the warm summer breeze. Summer is the time for beach parties, picnics at the park, and barbecue feasts and all of these are great with stubby holders in Australia

Our love for relaxing with family and friends has brought us to enjoy sharing drinks outdoors no matter what time it is during the day. Stubby holders have been an important part of Australian culture and it is a no brainer to simply bring along a couple of your favourite stubby holders every time we head out to a party or gathering.

As promotional products, stubby holders in Australia have been a crowd favourite for years and years. These drinking accessories are a common sight during any party, gathering, celebration, and even during formal occasions.

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Stubby Holders in Australia

To understand what is so great about them, here are the top four uses of stubby holders in Australia from Express Promo. Read on!

Stubby holders keep drinks cool.

The main function of a stubby holder is to keep any canned or bottled drink cool as long as possible. Especially during outdoor events during the daytime, beers and ciders are not enjoyable to drink once they have gone to room temperature. During parties, you would want to socialise and also enjoy the food so keeping the drinks at their optimal chilled temperature would be ideal thanks to stubby holders. Rather than finishing bottles quickly and getting intoxicated early on during the party, stubby holders in Australia keep the drink cool while you converse with your seatmates or head back and forth to the buffet table.


Stubby holders keep your hands and the table dry.

We have all been there before. The condensation on the canned or bottled drink simply gets out of hand during humid days. It pools up the cocktail table and gets your hands, possibly your clothes as well, wet. Stubby holders can keep all that moisture in, as it keeps your drinks cool while keeping your hands dry throughout the party. No need to worry about water rings damaging the wooden tables and no need to be cautious about getting drops of water on your clothes as you take a sip, stubby holders have got you covered.


Stubby holders can easily mark drinks to make them easy to distinguish.

It happens all the time during parties, the drinks all look the same and people can grab your bottle of beer on the table. Stubby holders can help make that situation a little less sticky, especially with customised stubby holders that have different colours or different designs. Everybody gets to mark which drink is theirs and nobody gets to be confused as to which bottle or can is his or hers.


Stubby holders let you add a touch of creativity to the party. 

The best feature of stubby holders in Australia is simply the ability to add a little touch of colour and personality to your party or gathering. Stubby holders can be made into effective promotional items by designing ones with your company logo and strong brand colours. You immediately get more brand recognition and identity awareness once you get these stubby holders right on your clients’ refreshments or during your next company event.


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