3 Things You Must Know about Personalised Beer Glasses

personalised beer glasses Australia


Beer glasses instantly remind us of the good times, from simple gatherings to relaxing weekend nights. As the ultimate beer drinking companion, beer glasses instantly upgrade a simple nightcap into a relaxing and luxurious time for winding down and relaxation.

Personalised beer glasses in Australia are nothing new, these have been around for so long yet they never run out of style. No matter the season or the occasion, beer glasses always go hand in hand with a lovely bottle of beer for a good time.

Personalised Beer Glasses in Australia

If you are planning to maximise beer glasses and turn these personalised beer glasses in Australia into promotional products, here are a couple of things that you should know about them. Read them right here at Express Promo!


Personalised beer glasses help elevate the experience.

Simply drinking from the bottle or off the can isn’t as luxurious as drinking from a beer glass. Having a personalised beer glass elevates the experience and makes it even more enjoyable. Besides the fancy drinkware, drinking from beer glasses also ensures you that you know don’t have to worry about beer dripping all over your shirt, a common problem when drinking frothy beverages from a can. Also, beer glasses help you in seeing how much beer you have left to drink, which is commonly masked by coloured bottles or the opaque aluminium can.


There are different types of beer glasses to choose from.

Here at Express Promo, you can choose from different kinds of drinkware and personalised beer glasses in Australia. You can opt for fancy traditional beer glasses, pub-style conical beer glasses, or even commercial-grade schooner glasses. There are so many options for you to choose from and these are all customisable according to what you may need or what your budget allows. You can mix and match sets to have a wide array of beer glasses to choose from or you can also include other glassware such as wine glasses and tumblers to allow more variety. All these are easily customisable at Express Promo and you do not have to worry about designing as our friendly staff are able to help you every step of the way while ordering.

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Personalised beer glasses make great promotional items.

As with any personalised item, beer glass can be transformed into great promotional items without the need to worry about seasonality and costs. At Express Promo, we offer easy ordering and free designing to help you create promotional items that best suit your business needs. For personalised beer glasses in Australia, you can easily feature your business logo or company name right on beer glasses and use these over and over again at your restaurant, bar, or pantry. These personalised beer glasses can also be given away as tokens of appreciation for a business associate or as an onboarding gift for a valued client. It is through these simple yet functional personalised promotional items that you can best showcase what your company has to offer while also giving the clients a wonderful gift that they can truly use and cherish.




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